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2nd in our Tribute Series

Ralph Marlowe


James Ball Naylor



Ralph Marlowe, James Ball Naylor's 1901 Best Seller brought him world-wide acclaim and established him as one of the top authors. He stated that Ralph Marlowe was partially autobiographical and a story of actual experience. He did not twist or distort history to fit his tale, but has taken real people and told the story of their hopes and fears, their loves and sorrows, in a simple,convincing style that wins from the opening chapter. Naylor has given literary immortality to all of his characters, for there is no doubt that he has drawn them from real life. Early reviews characterized Ralph Marlowe as not our ordinary novel of the period and stood Head and Shoulders above the rest. It remained on the Bookman's Best Seller List for six months and could be found in book stores across the United States and Europe. It remains a great read!!.