James Ball Naylor Collection

Fnds a New Home

at the Kate Love Simpson Library

on August 11, 2016


Standing next to the James Ball Naylor collection of books, now located at the Katte Simpson Library, are Theresa Flaherty, left, and Tara Sidwell with the bookase purchased locally.

Theresa Marie Flaherty, the author of The Final Test - A Biography of James Ball Naylor, presented a special bookcase on August 11, 2016, to Tara Sidwell, Director of the Kate Love Simpson Library in McConnelsville, to house the collection.

Dr. Naylor's novel Ralph Marlowe was on the Bookma's list of best sellers for six months in 1901 and gained him national recognition as an author. The collection includes various editions of his 8 novels, 3 children's books, and 6 volumes of collected verse, as well as pamphlets, and other ephemera he authored. It also includes Flaherty's The Final Test and her 4-volume Tribute Series to Naylor consisting of a volume of his poetry, a reprint of Ralph Marlowe with added photos and contemporary reviews, a collection of his short stories, and a reprint of his last novel, The Misadventures of Marjory.

Flaherty and her husband visited the area numerous times over the last 40 years as she conducted research on the man she calls the other man in her life. Born in 1860, Naylor spent his entire life in Morgan County. A medical doctor in his later years, he served as the Morgan County Health Commissioner. He died in 1945 at the age of 83.