Vintage Verse

Poems by James Ball Naylor

Edited by Theresa Marie Flaherty

is featured in the following review

Vintage Verse is a one of a kind collection of verse put together by Naylor’s daughter, Lucile Naylor. Many are as apropos today as when they were written. It is a tribute volume to her father of poems she copied from old family scrapbooks in an effort to preserve some of those poems not included in any of his other published volumes.

Theresa Marie Flaherty, editor of this volume, has added a special selection of some of Naylor’s poems that are appropriate and add to this tribute series. Naylor’s poetry was written for common folks and this volume touches on the beauty of nature, portrays family life, pays tribute to the flag and to veterans of our wars, addresses political issues, and displays his fine sense of humor. The poems in Vintage Verse linger and take you on a journey down memory lane—there is a little something for every reader.

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