Robert A. Carter and Michael C. Cullen

Not many authors can say that they have completed a project begun by another member of the family, yet Robert Carter and Michael Cullen have done just that. Cullen is the grandson of Ohio historian and author D. W. Garber (1896-1983) and inherited Garber’s original notebooks and research material from his grandfather.

Carter’s continued research and the Garber material provide a fascinating look at the importance of mills in Richland County, Ohio. Some Ohio historians might note that a few of the mills included in Water-Powered Mills of Richland County no longer stand within the boundaries of Richland County, but early settlers built those mills before the county boundaries changed in the mid-1800s. Most of the mills described in this book have suffered the fate of mills throughout the United States–abandonment, destruction, and finally disappearance.

This book is based upon the world of D. W. Garber, author of Waterwheels and Millstones (published in 1970). Yet it also contains updated information from the last 40 years or so. Of particular interest are the memories of those who lived during those bygone years. This 254-page, soft cover book includes 182 photographs and illustrations that clearly depict not only the mills in Richland County but also the lives of the people who owned and operated them. It is an excellent read for Ohio historians and anyone else who enjoys a good tale. It can be ordered from the publisher at www.turaspublishing.com, Amazon.com, or your favorite bookstore.

Esther Middlewood, Society for the Preservation of Old Mills (SPOOM) /Fall 2016