Vicki L. Flaherty

Within this whirlwind of existence that we call life, many of us feel a yearning for peace, for fulfillment, for that sense that we’ve made a journey that is worthy and noble. The gap between where and who we are, and where and who we want to be, can sometimes feel enormous. Impossible, we say. Enter Vicki Flaherty’s second poetry book, And Then Opens Possibility, and you’ll find a friend. A friend who sits and speaks quiet words of encouragement, who helps us see the possibiity that is within reach, and upon arriving at that place within reach, we see new horizons that invite our hearts and souls to move forward. The art of the possible is an internal adventure, and as with all adventures, sometimes you just need a guide. Spend some time with this precious little book of Vicki’s poetry, and doors, inside and outside, will slowly, gently, appear and open.

Maureen Electa Monte, Leadership & Team Consultant, Author of
Destination Unstoppable: The Journey of No Teammate Left Behind

Perhaps the best indicator of a book’s impact on me is my eagerness to share it. As a leadership development practitioner, I will share these poems with managers and executives. But that’s not the only audience; my friends and family will benefit as well. And Then Opens Possibility both explains mindfulness and helps the reader to start the journey. Each poem opens a path to seeing life with greater clarity, peace, and purpose. This book is a valuable resource for anyone wanting to understand the beauty of a mindfulness practice.

Marian N. Ruderman, Ph.D., Senior Fellow and Director of Research Horizons Center for Creative Leadership

I love the way Vicki speaks to the world with authenticity and sincerity. Her awareness and presence is her great strength and a precious source for inspiration. She has a natural ability to flow with life, celebrate differences, and find joy and beauty in the moment. For a mindfulness series that we organized together at IBM, she gently offered some of her poems as closing readings, which were the perfect gift for end the practice sessions. You’ll find some of her poetry is like a short, guided mindfulness practice, inspiring presence in the moment.

Katiuscia Berretta, Centro Italiano Studi Mindfulness

Vicki’s every word is a precious jewel that touches my heart in the most astonishing way…. And no matter how many times I’ve read a poem, it invites me deep within helping me connect to the familiar – my soul, the true essense. It is in this dance that her poems inspire me to feel more, and be more of who I am. I soften as I read her poetry out loud enjoying the full vibration behind her beautiful words.

Jana Mitzoda, Coach and Founder of Surf Life

And Then Opens Possibility is a timeless book about the human experience that you’ll read again and again. Vicki’s poetry invites you to be vulnerable and open up with yourself. Each chapter invites a different experience, with Truth’s Whisper offering hope and promise, Into the Deep powerfully inviting presence with the suffering and aloneness of life, and Someone to Catch Me gently bringing back the light. Let her poetry flow through you like music in three movements.

Kevin Pokorney, Pokorney Consulting

Vicki’s book will strike a special note for anyone embarking on a new beginning, as I was when I read it. The melody of each poem, the softness of the language, and the rhythmic dance of each intentionally chosen word moved like waves through my soul…and then opened possibility….

Dorota Florczyk, Talent Management Consultant

This gift of poetry is a refreshing wave of love, kindness, and honesty that compels in a compassionate way to maintain balance. It leaves you stronger.

Lisa DeShano, Yoga Instructor

Vicki Flaherty’s poignant, spiritual collection of poems, And Then Opens Possibility, celebrates the ebb and flow of life’s cycles. Her profound poetry deserves solid reading.

Jack Lyndon Thomas, Author