Vicki L. Flaherty

I just cannot express the joy, wonder, and appreciation I have of her work! It is beautiful, to say the least. It is hard to find the right words to tell you how much it meant to me to not only be gifted with a copy of the book, but blessed with its contents. I will always cherish it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Sherrie J.

Thank you for sharing your love, fear, hope and joy in the book–and your relationship, while always dear to those of us who know you both, shows so beautifully in the book. It is a pleasure to pass on to our other friends as some measure of comfort and sharing.

– A personal friend

I immediately read several poems after opening Vicki’s book. I found them very open and vulnerable, tender and honest. Gael read one and it brought tears to her eyes. If only we could all share ourselves as well.I

— Tim Ensor

What a lovely book – so beautifully written. Vicki certainly told her story of her battle with cancer – and all the pain, and fear that goes along with it – and the glorious feeling of coming through it all – and being the winner! Bless her heart!

Betty Ann Diesem

Thank you so much for the amazing gift of your book. What a treasure and solace it will be to anyone who reads it and most especially those who are walking the path that you have traveled with cancer. It fed my Soul.

Therese Kienast, Radical Leadership Founder  & Coach

Wow, what a great experience to spend time with your book! Your talent is tremendous and your poems are really great. I adored them.

Maureen Monte

Your work is wonderfully genuine, intimate, open and encouraging!! Thank you so much for giving me the privilege of having one of the first tastes of this delicacy! I am sure that this work will bring much encouragement and strength to many. Perhaps it will be the first of many collages of words. I hope so!

Liz Hogan

Your poems are so beautiful and thought provoking. I found myself at once soothed and energized as I read each one.

Lisa Flaherty

Your poetry is meaningful and moving, so poignant and descriptive of the emotions in place for those battling cancer and fearing their own mortality. Thank you for allowing me to have a peak at this beautiful work ahead of publishing.

Erin, a fellow cancer survivor

Your poems helped me through my rough patch and I am very thankful. I know your book will help unknown numbers of people and that has to be a great comfort to you.

Dolores, a fellow breast cancer survivor